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Foundations of FHT (Functional Hypertrophy Training)

[Functional – Athletic, Strong, Fast, Durable] [Hypertrophy – Muscle Growth]


Starting out can be rough and the information overload doesn’t help. While there is no shortage of content available there seems to be a shortage of top experts focusing on providing highly researched, verified and EFFECTIVE workout programs for the beginner fitness industry.

Foundations of FHT ™ was created to be a trusted one-stop solution to all  the beginner problems. Perfect volume, perfect intensity, perfect injury prevention.

In addition to achieving advanced degrees in both physical therapy and exercise science, Dr. John Rusin has invested over a decade into training professional athletes all over the world, including Olympians, IronMan triathletes, NFL All-Pros and MLB All-Stars, as well as coaches, physical therapists and personal trainers.

While advanced programs such as FHT™ Level 1 and 2 are revolutionizing the way athletes worldwide build muscle, burn fat and create massive strength & function, an equally detailed & effective program focusing on beginners needed to be developed.

Foundations of FHT is a hybrid workout program that provides a beginner with everything you need to know in order to get maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible while also teaching you how to reduce the risk of being injured while training.

Based on actual science and using Dr. John Rusin’s signature methods, across the 80+ pages of Foundations of FHT (and hours of video tutorials)’ you will master the foundational movement patterns, develop functional core strength, execute effective cardio & conditioning, manage recovery, prevent injuries and implement proper nutrition.

In addition, Foundations of FHT is built to be completely customizable depending on your goals (gain muscle, lose fat, increase performance etc). Throughout the next 9 weeks you will not only attain all the necessary knowledge you need to crush your fitness efforts, your body will be in the best shape than ever before.

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“Few people in this industry can be considered experts in rehabilitation, fitness, strength & conditioning the way John is. His truly comprehensive approach to improving human performance has always impressed me. John is someone I fully trust as a source of knowledge and reason amongst the noise surrounding performing, looking, and feeling better.”

Timothy DiFrancesco,
Strength Coach,,
Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the LA Lakers



Much like it’s hugely successful big brothers, the FHT and FHT 2, Foundations of FHT ™ leaves no stone unturned. Across 80+ pages of the book and hours of video guides, you will learn everything you need to know in order to crush your next 9 weeks of training, get your body in amazing shape & build proper foundations for your physical (and mental) development for years to come.

“Foundations” is split into two major sections, The Know-How and the Program:

Section 1: Introduction & Know-How

In the First Section, we will focus on attaining the necessary knowledge a beginner should have in order to progress at maximum potential speed & efficiency. Each sub-section has the exact amount of easily digestible reading needed in order to beat this 9 week challenge.

Here are some of the topics we’ll cover in this section:

  • Definition of Pain-Free Training
  • The Big-6 Foundational Movement Patterns
  • Importance of Functional Core Strength
  • Total Body Training Days
  • Prioritizing Big Compound Movements
  • Effective Cardio & Conditioning
  • Ramp-up Method and How it Works
  • How to Intelligently Progress Your Weights
  • How to Modify Movements
  • How and Why Use Bands in Training
  • “Optional” Training Days and Their Implementation
  • How to Set Up Your Training Schedule
  • Nutrition to Build Muscle & Burn Fat
  • The Dynamic Warm-Up
  • The Recovery & Prehabilitation Day

Section 2: The Foundations of FHT Program

The second and much larger section of the book contains the three phases of our program. Training is not all-or-none process, but a strategic sequence of stepping stones that get you where you want to be. Each of the 3 phases builds on top of the other, progressing you further along those checkpoints. We will split our week into 3 gym days, 2 “optional” (but highly advisable) conditioning days, 1 active recovery sequence day & 1 day off.  You will need anywhere between 45 to 70 minutes each day, depending on what we’re doing.

As a workout program, Foundations of FHT is intelligently built and thoroughly field-tested for the purpose of making you fitter, stronger & healthier than ever before. However, one of the biggest goals of this program is to establish a the necessary understanding, knowledge & physical shape that will serve as the foundation for your future fitness progress.

With your purchase of Foundations of FHT, you will instantly get an invitation to our closed off, private Facebook group and connect with HUNDREDS of people, crushing Foundations, FHT1 or FHT 2 (ranging from beginners to pro athletes & trainers). You can get your questions answered directly by Dr. John (and dozens of other fitness professionals in the family). You can share your progress, your challenges, your wins (or losses) or simply read through a crazy amount of questions & information already posted by our members. Your FHT Family is here to provide answers, guidance, knowledge & motivation for you, every step of the way.

1st-phase-testFirst Phase – 3 Weeks

First phase of the Foundations of FHT will implement strategic variations of each foundational movement pattern in order to get the most out of your training. We will put a big emphasis on teaching you proper technique, form and mechanics for each lift which need to be mastered in order to progress to the next step.  Make sure you read all the detailed coaching notes & watch video tutorials that are there to help you maximize the results.

2ndSecond Phase – 3 Weeks

Second phase builds on top of the foundations laid down in the Phase 1 and takes it up a few notches. We’ll be bumping up the volume considerably and introducing new routines and exercise variations, moving up the functional pyramid. Along with seeing obvious improvements in your performance and body aesthetics, you will have developed a proper mindset in your approach to training.

3rdThird Phase – 3 Weeks

Third phase is your graduation phase. At this point you will have the necessary experience & knowledge to start some pretty advanced workout variations. We’ll be using the some of the same exercises the high level athletes use, adjusted to your experience and condition. In addition, this phase will be a nice insight into why FHT 1 and 2 are called “programs from hell” as we’ll be boosting the intensity and pace of our weight training, cardio & conditioning quite a lot.

In addition to the book, the program has 1 highly popular benefit – The FHT Family!

With your purchase of FHT program, you will instantly get an invitation to our closed off, private facebook group and connect with hundreds of people crushing the same program as you. You can get support directly from Dr. John (or dozens of other fitness pros also doing FHT). You can share your progress, your challenges, your wins (or losses) or simply lurk in the shadows reading through a crazy amount of other questions & comments :). Your FHT Family is here to provide answers, guidance, knowledge & motivation for you, every step of the way.


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“There’s no better compliment than having the opportunity to work with and learn from a role model within the industry. The time and dedication John puts into developing his programs is unlike anything I’ve seen from any other coach within the industry. Making the decision to invest in fitness education can be a challenging choice, but with John it’s certain you will be in good hands and see the results you’re working for!”

Kalli Youngstrom,
Elite Powerlifter, Fitness, Diet & Lifestyle Coach

“Dr Rusin is a clinician who also understands the tools from the strength and conditioning world together with the knowhow to blend them together. Performance enhancement and injury resilience is his forte.

Professor Stuart McGill,
One of World’s Top Authorities in Injury Prevention
Author of Back Mechanic,, Founder of


With advanced degrees in both physical therapy and exercise science, as well as extensive experience working with NFL and MLB athletes, powerlifters, and bodybuilders, Dr. John Rusin has developed recovery, regeneration, and prehab-rehab programs for some of the world’s best power athletes.

His synergy of academia and in-field training experience allows him to create intelligently designed approaches to fitness and performance, and many pros build plans for their clients based on Dr. John’s groundbreaking work.

His goal is to bridge the ever-growing gap between high-performance strength and conditioning and cutting-edge rehabilitation methodology for both elite athletes and amateur fitness fanatics.

Dr. John’s game changing ideas have caught the attention of the most innovative and impactful fitness media outlets in the world. He has taught internationally, published extensively, and gives his absolute and unconditional best to better his clients, his community and the fitness industry as a whole – one success story at a time.

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“After you’ve been in fitness for half your life, you start to think you know how to do things. Then somebody like John Rusin comes along and suddenly you get the crummy feeling that there are a lot of things you don’t know how to do. Damn John Rusin.”

TC Luoma,
Chief Editor at


Instructional Videos
Fitness Pros & Other Members at Your Disposal
Injury Free Training Guide, Further Reading & Additional Resources leaving no stone unturned.

Being a beginner means you have a lot to learn and, unfortunately, it’s really hard to tell right from wrong when doing your own research. Often the sources are incomplete, unverified or just downright false – which makes you the guinea pig that has to do your own trial and error to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

Besides getting you in the best shape so far, foundations  of FHT is the most comprehensive beginner training program in the industry. It massively over-delivers with information & experience while still keeping you interested and not overwhelmed. Across 19 chapters and 3 phases of training, FHT displays it’s value using easily-digestible content & video guides.

While most programs focus on just the training program (and sometimes nutrition), Foundations of FHT contains the whole system and all the necessary know-how covering topics such as Dr. John Rusin’s signature Dynamic Warm-Up technique, Effective Cardio & Conditioning, Recovery & Injury Prevention, Nutrition for Muscle Growth/Fat Loss & many more. It teaches you how to intelligently progress your weights & with the help of the FHT Family, gives unparalleled support, motivation & feedback whenever you need it!

You can rest assured that, with “Foundations” your progress form “beginner” to “ideal” will be fast, effective & injury free. Get started now, order Foundations of FHT.

“After retiring from almost a decade in professional baseball, I wanted to grow and develop quality strength and size while simultaneously retaining my athleticism. This was a goal I wasn’t sure was possible all at once until Dr. John’s Functional Hypertrophy Training was released which grabbed my attention in an industry full of programs right away. I can truly say with the utmost confidence that this program is excellent for folks of varying experience levels, and ideal for anyone looking to be a stronger, better looking, and better moving human being.

Chad Rodgers,
Former Professional Baseball Player
Human Performance Coach and Writer at

“After having my second baby, I started to give up on the thought of ever getting my pre-pregnancy bod back. Having to take care of 2 kids under 2 years old, keeping up with the house, making sure the dog was ok, and working full time was exhausting! I knew I had to make a change, for my physical AND mental well-being. Fortunately, FHT program was just what I needed. Following a program that was laid out for me took away any doubts and any thinking, all I needed to do was show up and train. I set aside an hour a day, between 3-5 days a week, followed the training schedule and nutrition advice & I quickly started to see results and feel better. FHT helped me be a better mom to my 2 little boys, a better wife and a better me! I’m looking forward to starting level 2 soon!”

Sara Colombo,
Mom of Two, Former Bodybuilder and Crossfit Athlete


“I’m extremely selective when choosing a training program for myself, but John and his work definitely fit the bill here. I’ve been very happy with the results from training on the FHT program, from the incredibly detailed coaching notes he provides to the exercise video tutorials and personal touch. This program is loaded with helpful information and content. FHT gives you the necessary toolbox to train hard in the gym and recover intelligently in between sessions. I give this program my highest recommendation.”

Matthew Ibrahim,
Strength & Conditioning Coach, Teacher, Speaker, Founder of


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