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“Dr. John has played a pivotal roll in my performance throughout my playing years and now into my new physical challenges as an executive. His impressive mastery of the human body and its movements create the perfect environment for health, performance and overall wellness. From strength training to physical therapy, John has kept me at the top of my game, brought me back from debilitating injuries and taught me a lot along the way.”
Mark Prior, MLB All-Star
“I have been competing in NPC show for the past 3 years and this is the first coach that not only got me to my personal best, but did it safely, intelligently, and professionally.

Strength in body does not directly correlate to strength in character unless you are speaking of Dr John Rusin.

This coach responds promptly, has a deep understanding of how the body functions, and motivates his clients from hundreds of miles away. As a business owner myself, I respect his organization and his ability to program according to may particular needs and aesthetics.

There is no better place to begin your own personal transformation than with The Strength Doc.”

Dakini Jaeger, Yoga Studio Owner
“What truly set Dr. John Rusin apart was his deep understanding and passion for my training after my injury had healed in order to prevent future injuries and keep my competing at the highest level possible. With Dr. John, I have been able to stay injury free while competing at my highest level of all time.”
Kelly Hooper, Ironman 2015 All-World Athlete
“Dr. John Rusin is one of sharpest minds in the fitness industry. By combining his experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and now, a Sports Performance Physical therapist, John truly bridges the gap unlike any other between high performance training and cutting edge physical therapy.”
Erich Bach, Owner, Bach Performance
“The training has been helping me in reaching all the goals I had while at the same time freeing up my precious time from programming my own workouts.

I am an individual video based coaching and consulting program client with Dr. John and have had the chance to both learn Hands-On SMR Techniques via FaceTime along with using Dr. John to program my strength and prehabilitaiton programs. I wanted a individual workout plan that programs workouts around a elbow injury while also helping me to get rid of the pain and still gain strength.

Dr. John is quick to answer any questions that might come up even from across the world. He is a serious professional dedicated to helping you getting the best possible version of you.”

Jochen Friedrich, Doctor of Dental Sciences
“When I’m at home in San Diego looking to set a new CrossFit PR or when I’m deployed at sea for months at a time looking to get the edge in my training under huge constraints of time and equipment, Dr. John has produced epic results for my physical fitness and performance.”
Nick, Officer, U.S. Navy
“Dr. John has literally brought me back from orthopedic hell on multiple occasions both with his hands on therapy and remote coaching programs and exercise techniques. From getting me back on the road after traumatic injury to working with me to develop personalized triathlon programs to fit my insanely busy schedule, Dr. John has done it all.”
Peter, Corporate CEO
“About a week after my initial treatment and 30 minutes after my second treatment, I front squatted without any pain in the injured area.

I came to Dr. John as a patient after a substantial hip flexor strain/tear. It had been improving but was still not where I needed it for my sport of weightlifting.

What made Dr. John unique was his ability to work with me and discuss his protocol as a colleague that truly understood the complexity of the movement of my sport. In his assessment, we came up with some answers and treatment solutions that I had previously glanced over.”

Jared Markiewicz, Elite Olympic Lifter


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Let me know your name and email and I'll forward you the recommendation.