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    Say goodbye to painful knees and sore elbows. After years in the making, the Official JRx X-Large Blue Pad is finally here and ready to save your knees, elbows, ass and other pressure sensitive areas during training. Designed with an extra large width that fits BOTH knees comfortably, this pad measures in at 20'' long, 16'' wide and 2'' thick. The perfect size for kneeling exercises, box squats, forearm planks, direct ab work and push ups. And of course, a great "functional" training tool for balance, proprioception and stability that can be utilized in warm ups, rehabilitation and general unconventional exercises and training. This pad has been designed with a textured Non-Slip Surface so you won't eat shit while training on slick surfaces, while also providing additional grip with a sweat-proof layer for protection of the pad, and yourself while you sweat it out. Constructed out of a premium super-soft and durable TPE foam, this pad will not only hold up for the long run, but maintain size and shape even with hard use in training. Lightweight, durable and easy to carry, the Official JRx X-Large Blue Pad will have you covered, no matter if you're at home, in the gym, or supplying your facility with the best equipment on the market.
  • The new JRx Grip Trainers are the perfect pain-free performance training tool for getting the most out of the Foundations, Functional Hypertrophy Training and Functional Power Training programs. With a specific size, shape and texture developed specifically for Dr. John Rusin, the JRx Grip Trainers provide a hugely novel  (and cost effective) stimulus for pain-free training that can fit into any gym bag. With the ability to quickly and easily attach to barbells, dumbbells or around bands, the JRx Grip Trainers will add diversity to setups and stimuli of common exercises like bench press, dumbbells rows and loaded carries without the need for specialty equipment like fat bars and thick handled dumbbells, kettlebells, cables and machines. And more importantly, training with a thicker grip on bars, dumbbells and bands reduce chronic stress on the wrists, elbows and shoulders with common upper body exercises like barbell bench press, dumbbell pressing and rowing, while adding challenges to carry variations and direct shoulder and arm work. When used with bands for those who do not have access to cables or machines, the JRx Grip Trainers provide a more comfortable handle to grip onto, reducing pinching and irritation of the hands when using bands only. Simply put, the JRx Grip Trainers will revolutionize the feel and function of common exercises and be a game changer for your pain-free performance training. With limited stock, grab your JRx Grip Trainers while they last!
  • Next Level Women's Racerback, Sizes S-L
  • Next Level Triblend Unisex T-Shirt, Sizes M, L, XL
    • Wicks moisture away from the body
    • Heat sealed label
    • Self-fabric binding at neck and armholes
    • Double-needle hemmed bottom
    Note from Dr. John Rusin: "The sizes run true to the label, I'm always wearing L and this tank fits me perfectly. "
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    This set includes 4 Sets of 2 Bands (8 bands total). LIMITED STOCK ONLY. Four different resistance levels/strengths ideal for either assisting with a movement or resisting. Built specifically for Foundations, FHT & FPT. For a detailed guide on how to use them, refer either to FHT program, FPT program, or our popular resistance bands guide via this article: "How to use Band Training to Build Resilient Muscle & Prevent Injuries" by Dr. John Rusin  


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