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After years of training professional athletes all over the world, including Olympians, IronMan triathletes, NFL All-Pros and MLB All-Stars, as well as coaches, physical therapists and personal trainers, Dr. John Rusin brings you FHT, his next-level body development, fitness, and training program.

Designed and mastered through over a decade of working with pro athletes, Functional Hypertrophy Training™ is built to help you achieve unprecedented function, muscle growth, and strength gains.

FHT is not a typical workout plan- it’s a hybrid 12-week program built on a foundation of bodybuilding, powerlifting, athletic performance and conditioning combined with cutting edge developments in the field by an industry insider with a background in both elite sports performance physical therapy and exercise science.

Famously dubbed “program from hell”, FHT will make you faster, more explosive, agile, and stronger. It intelligently avoids the injury potential of other hardcore programs and doesn’t require hard-to-find equipment only available at expensive, high-end gyms.

One of it’s biggest benefits is that, unlike other workout plans, FHT is built to be fully customizable depending on your current experience or goals. It combines exercise and nutrition strategies designed to help you focus on burning fat, building muscle, or maximizing function. In other words, t’s ready to adapt to you and do what you need from it.

Finally, across 120 pages of instruction and hours of video tutorials, Dr. John’s guidance is always backed with verified scientific research and published articles designed to show you HOW and WHY it gets it’s results.

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Functional Hypertrophy Training (FHT) is a system of developing extraordinary muscular strength and hypertrophy that has been built off of the six foundational movement patterns:

  • Squat,
  • Hip Hinge,
  • Lunge,
  • Upper Body Press,
  • Upper Body Pull,
  • Loaded Carry.

Focusing on maximizing big compound movements with your bodyweight, bells, bands and balls, it will give you the opportunity to become as functional and athletic as you become stronger and more muscular.

Based on my specific methods, this program has been formulated in a very special manner to yield optimal hypertrophy and strength gains without the aches and pains that are commonly associated with more hardcore style programs.