• Be Evaluated, Assessed and Re-Programmed For Success by Dr. Rusin, Now From Anywhere In The World Via Our Remote Consulting Services Dr. Rusin is now taking on new remote consultation clients. With the same detailed deep dive that Dr. Rusin has used with extraordinary success with his in-person athletes and clients, Dr. Rusin’s remote consultation services will utilize and examine all aspects of your training, lifestyle and individual goal set to reverse engineer success via remote video based consultation calls.

    Remote Consulting Services Include:

    • Detailed medical, training and nutritional intakes in order for Dr. Rusin to review as much data as possible to become familiar with your individual goals and needs before each video consultation call.
    • Video based consultation call (1-hour) with Dr. Rusin to further detail your current condition and goal set while building out a customized action plan and coaching the methods for understanding and execution.
    • Follow up email correspondence including a the detailed action plan complete with video tutorials and programming notes according to the action plan that was set on the video consultation call.
    *Once you have registered for Dr. Rusin's remote consulting service, you will be contacted by DrJohnRusin.com's business manager Lindsay Bloom to start the intake process and schedule the video based consult call.
  • The 9-week, joint-healthy, training restart program that's helped thousands of people move smarter, get stronger, and look better than ever.
    • Wicks moisture away from the body
    • Heat sealed label
    • Self-fabric binding at neck and armholes
    • Double-needle hemmed bottom
    Note from Dr. John Rusin: "The sizes run true to the label, I'm always wearing L and this tank fits me perfectly. "
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    This set includes 4 Sets of 2 Bands (8 bands total). LIMITED STOCK ONLY. Four different resistance levels/strengths ideal for either assisting with a movement or resisting. Built specifically for Foundations, FHT & FPT. For a detailed guide on how to use them, refer either to FHT program, FPT program, or our popular resistance bands guide via this article: "How to use Band Training to Build Resilient Muscle & Prevent Injuries" by Dr. John Rusin  
  • Gildan Heavy Blend Hooded Sweatshirt, 2 Color Options, Sizes S-5XL
  • Next Level 60/40 Blend Unisex T-Shirt, 2 Color Options, Sizes M, L, XL
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    Functional Hypertrophy Training (FHT) is a system of developing extraordinary muscular strength and hypertrophy that has been built off of the six foundational movement patterns:
    • Squat,
    • Hip Hinge,
    • Lunge,
    • Upper Body Press,
    • Upper Body Pull,
    • Loaded Carry.
    Focusing on maximizing big compound movements with your bodyweight, bells, bands and balls, it will give you the opportunity to become as functional and athletic as you become stronger and more muscular. Based on my specific methods, this program has been formulated in a very special manner to yield optimal hypertrophy and strength gains without the aches and pains that are commonly associated with more hardcore style programs.
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    The 9-week, joint-healthy, training restart program that's helped thousands of people move smarter, get stronger, and look better than ever.
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