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When it comes to your fitness & health, do you only choose the best?


This 12-week program has been personally developed by Dr. John Rusin and it’s based on professional experiences over the past decade of high-level performance and physique training, doctorate level education in sports performance physical therapy and years of combining the best research and gym-tested evidence in the health and fitness industry.


The Muscle Prescription has everything you need from workouts to nutrition to take your training to the next level while also optimizing your health and function!”

Dr. John Rusin is one of the rare coaches who understands how to blend the latest research with time-proven hardcore strength principles to provide the very best programs for his clients. This combination makes him my go-to resource for all things hypertrophy and fat-loss with an intelligent flare. “The Muscle Prescription” has everything you need from workouts to nutrition to take your training to the next level while also optimizing your health and function!


You can expect to be in the best shape of your life, plain and simple.

Backed by science and battle tested in years of training and experimentation in the gym, this system produces remarkable results for those people seeking a stronger, leaner and healthier body that is as strong and functional as it is sexy.

If you choose to taper the MP’s nutritional program to fat-loss, these training sessions, including cardio and conditioning, will strategically reduce your body fat while prioritizing the maintenance of muscle and strength.

If you are already in great shape and looking for a new program to challenge you, the MP provides you the opportunity to achieve the holy grail of fitness training: losing fat while gaining muscle simultaneously.

This program is designed to balance strength and hypertrophy training with ways to also challenge your conditioning and cardiovascular abilities, all leading to more muscle and fat loss.


Our goal for the next 12-weeks is to intelligently deliver all the muscle gain and fat-loss results of a traditional bodybuilding and body recomposition style program, minus the archaic and sometimes downright debilitating training methods that leave you broken down and hurting in the process.


“I am proud to bring you this 12-week program, as I am positive that it’s my best work to date. I have no doubt you will rise to the challenge of this program in ways you never thought possible, generating game changing results in the process that will lay the foundation to a long life of fitness and performance. “

This program and the methods behind it has been responsible for keeping NFL All-Pros, Gold Medal Olympians, All-World Ironman athletes and professional bodybuilders and powerlifters performing at the peak of their abilities while staying healthy in the process.

Throughout the MP and multiple video guides, we’ll be focusing on achieving the same results with you and for only a fraction of the individual coaching program cost.



The Muscle Prescription has been developed around three specific phases of training, each broken down into 4-week micro cycles of training, which will build off of each other throughout the 12-weeks.

Throughout each week in the The Muscle Prescription, there will be four mandatory workouts scheduled that will be comprised of split body training to really focus in on enhancing muscle gain and hypertrophy. In addition, based on the amount of days you have available to train throughout the week, but more so your ability to fully recover between workouts, there will be three optional workouts that will also be available.

These secondary split body workouts will be quite different in terms of exercises, set and rep ranges, along with intention and focus later on in the week.


The Muscle Prescription program has been developed specifically for people who are looking for an ideal bodybuilding program. Break the plateau, grow your muscle & lose body fat with MP.


No matter if you are an intermediate lifter who is looking to continue on training in an intelligent manner, or are a serious strength athlete who is battle tested in the iron game, this program is ready for you and your gains.


For all of you novices out there, skip the mistakes everybody else does and don’t delay your growth anymore. This program could really bring out the potential you have inside.

“Dr. John’s elite level understanding of the human body and how to train for optimal performance is second to none in the field”

meghanDr. John Rusin has a very well rounded approach to fitness and training. His elite level understanding of the human body and how to train for optimal performance is second to none in the field.

When John writes an article or shares a video tutorial, he is very concise, and it is extremely evident that he understands exactly why he is performing an exercise, how to execute the movement with perfect form, and how to make the exercise more challenging so you can continue to make progress. In Dr. John’s new 12-Week Muscle Prescription Program, he chooses ‘’bang for your buck’’ exercises that can be tailored to meet most fitness levels.

When it comes to injury prevention and body maintenance, both of which are so important for high and sustained performance, John has a wide array of techniques for the entire body. I have adopted many of these techniques myself, and use them with my clients as they simply work and produce results.

In terms of training for aesthetic goals, John knows what exercises produce the best results while minimizing the risk of injury of joint stress in the process that is common place for bodybuilding and fat loss program in today’s fitness industry. If you are looking for a coach who is incredibly knowledgeable in many domains of health and fitness and provides the very best programming in a practice what you preach manor, look no further than Dr. John’s Muscle Prescription!

Do you think you’re ready for a change?
Purchase the MP program now for just $99 and let’s start working on achieving your potential.


This program includes a completely modular/customizable system that can have up to 6 days a week of extensive training, complete with detailed video tutorials and coaching notes in addition to conditioning, cardio, and dynamic warm-up and regeneration based sessions to complement the  hypertrophy based sessions perfectly.

Along with the most complete training program in the industry, you will be guided step by step through how to build your individualized nutritional program based on your goals, your body and your training.


Training Progam

“Dr. Rusin’s best work to date.”
Well structured, customizable & detailed program spread across 3 phases each lasting for 4 weeks. Easily readable in a PDF format. This will help you use our strategies and principles to adjust the program to your requirements & start truly making a difference.


Detailed Video Guides

“A squat is not just a squat.”
Every single training day will be complete with custom coaching notes down to the very last detail of each movement in addition to video tutorials to have you executing the movements just the way they were designed.


Nutrition Guidelines

“All you need to know to optimize your diet.”
No program is complete without the focus on nutrition strategies.We are going to work to optimize your daily nutritional intakes to not only expedite your muscle gain and fat loss, but also enhance your recovery.

Purchase the MP today for only $99 and get start training to maximize your potential

“All you need to do is put the work in and use Dr. John’s methods, and the rest will take care of itself”

matthewThere’s a delicate science and intelligent programming behind achieving muscle gain and fat loss simultaneously in the same training program. Bottom line – it isn’t easy.

However, when Dr. John Rusin is involved, problem-solving becomes that much easier due to his high level of exercise science and fitness expertise. John takes care of the thinking and programming, and all you need to do is commit your 100% effort to the training.

His new Muscle Prescription program will help you achieve the holy grail of body recomposition – lose fat and gain muscle at the same time. All you need to do is put the work in and use Dr. John’s methods, and the rest will take care of itself.

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