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3 09, 2018

Metabolic Flexibility: How To Use Carbs AND Fat As Fuel
Setting The Dogmatic Diet Record Straight Once And For All

2018-09-05T19:01:35-05:00By |

The Grand Debate: Carbs vs. Fat for FUEL... Stop me if you have heard this one... “Fat is the best fuel and you need to stop being a sugar burner for better body composition.” Or, “Carbs are evil and should not be eaten.” And then the inverse, “Carbs are a requirement for th [...]

5 09, 2017

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Working With Elite Athletes

2017-09-07T15:45:55-05:00By |

Aren't Working With Pro Athletes? That's Totally Fine... Really “But I want to work with elite athletes!” I hear that cry in some form from my students or via social media, newsletter, etc several times a month. The sad reality is that most never will and probably should not [...]

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