26 04, 2022

Arnold Palmer Press For Shoulder Strength & Stability

2022-04-26T14:49:44-05:00By |

Here's What You Need To Know... 1. What do you get when you combine a legendary bodybuilding exercise with a functional flare for shoulder health and performance? Introducing the best press you're NOT doing, the Arnold Palmer Press. 2. Using a single kettlebell in the palm [...]

3 03, 2022

Lat Pulldowns Don’t Train The Lats?
Debunking This Dubious Lat Pulldown Claim...

2022-04-26T17:37:05-05:00By |

Lat Pulldowns It's In The NAME Claiming that Lat pulldowns don’t train the LATS is quite literally one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. Next thing you know we'll have IG influencers claiming triceps extensions don't train the triceps, biceps curls don't train the bice [...]

9 01, 2022

Myofascial Lines: An Integrated Approach To Core Training

2022-01-09T18:30:38-06:00By |

Chest day or push focus? Back day or pull focus? I’ve always found language to be a fascinating thing to pay attention to. In the Pain-Free Performance Specialist Certification we talk about language in the context of empowering clients to work around pain and focus on what [...]

28 12, 2021

How Much Does Personal Training Cost?
In-Person, Online AND Everything In-Between

2021-12-28T06:33:13-06:00By |

No matter how many coaches I talk to, the same questions always comes up in conversation: how much should I be charging? There can be an automatic “it depends” response attached to that questions but it gets asked so much for a reason. Most coaches out there really have no [...]

1 11, 2021

American Health X
The Failures of Big Food, Fitness & Pharma

2021-11-01T14:54:20-05:00By |

The Preventable Downfall of American Health It does not take much effort to see that the health of western culture, and specifically America, has problems. The fabric of the world’s leading power is potentially torn beyond repair. The shreds are deeper than the expanding po [...]

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