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“Over the past few years Dr.John Rusin is one of the few guys that really made me learn more about the various aspects of training. In our day and age it is rare to find a combination of no-nonsense, knowledgeable and genuine expert that not only talks/writes a good game, but gets real life results. John is one of those exceptional people and you would do well to soak up all the info he presents!”

Christian Thibaudeau,
World Renown Trainer, Coach and Athlete.
Founder of Thibarmy.com


“Dr Rusin is a clinician who also understands the tools from the strength and conditioning world together with the knowhow to blend them together. Performance enhancement and injury resilience is his forte.”

Professor Stuart McGill,
One of World’s Top Authorities in Injury Prevention,
Author of Back Mechanic, Founder of BackFitPro.com

“Dr. John has played a pivotal role in my performance throughout my playing years and now into my new physical challenges as an executive. His impressive mastery of the human body and its movements create the perfect environment for health, performance and overall wellness. From strength training to physical therapy, John has kept me at the top of my game, brought me back from debilitating injuries and taught me a lot along the way.”

Mark Prior,
MLB All-Star