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ACSM-CPT; PPSC; CFSC; CPPS; KBC; NASM-FNS; BNB Boxing; TFW Coach......................................... Well Experienced Coach with a demonstrated history of working in the health, wellness, and fitness industry. Using a smart, joint friendly fitness approach to help others to Function Better and get Stronger both physically and mentally. I strive to educate others to better understand how to truly “dial in” to their bodies, while ensuring that consistent progress done well over time will lead to long lasting results. Skilled in Team Motivation, Leadership and Development. Personal Training/Group Training/Online Fitness Coaching. Health and Fitness Consultant.
13 04, 2020

The 50 Most Effective Push Up Variations For Size & Strength

2020-07-11T13:16:35-05:00By |

The Ultimate Guide to Push Up PROGRESSIONS With everything going on right now, working out from home has become the new normal. Let's talk about one of the best bang for your buck upper body exercise that involves no equipment at all, and that is the push up. This exercise [...]

24 12, 2019

The 30 Most Effective RDL Variations For Strength & Spine Health

2019-12-24T06:01:02-06:00By |

The Hip Hinge: The Most Forgotten Movement Pattern on Earth When it comes to longevity in the weight room, training, developing, and ultimately mastering the fundamental movement patterns of the body is a must. We live in a world now where society has put most of us in less [...]

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