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13 03, 2016

The Simple Solution For Skinny Hard Gainers

2020-07-07T15:59:10-05:00By |

Here's What You Need To Know... 1. Every body is shaped a little bit different and can be classified into one of three somatotypes. Ectomorphs tend to be skinny with little body fat or muscle while endomorphs tend to gain both fat and muscle easily. Mesomorphs have a naturally lean, muscular and [...]

18 11, 2015

Training + Nutrition = GAINZ
The Simple Science of Muscle Growth

2020-11-09T15:17:56-06:00By |

Why do some people possess the innate ability to tap into muscle growth and cut body fat on a whim, while others struggle their entire lives to create the body of their dreams? When it comes down to it, it's all about nutrition and training. We all know we must prioritize strength training, get [...]

1 09, 2015

The Smart Science Behind Muscle Growth

2020-07-19T12:18:09-05:00By |

Enough with this "hardgainer" mentality people. There is a reason why the vast majority of people, both male and female, have a damn hard time putting on lean muscle mass and taking their bodies to the next level, and sometimes end up flabby and soft in the process. Time to tap [...]

26 05, 2015

Five Female Fitness Myths Debunked by Science

2020-08-03T09:29:02-05:00By |

Here's What You Need To Know... 1. Lifting weights won’t make women bulky, but it will make them strong, lean and healthy if you’re interested in that. 2. Save the pink dumbbells for a doorstop, ultra high rep training is a dead practice. Sticking to strategic rep ranges will build the [...]


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