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Learn The Latest Methods, Techniques And Systems from Dr. John Rusin


Education Is About Development and Instant Implementation

Your business is on the brink of explosion. With the right guidance, systems and information, the next year could be your most profitable year yet.

In today’s fitness marketplace, the industry is growing at rapid rates month after month. Building a brand, company, and reputation in this industry is hard enough. You must make upgrading your intellectual knowledge and systems a top priority each and every year. At the end of the day, your continued success is all dependent on good products, good ideas and the ability to evolve with the times.

Here at, we have had the privilege to consult with some of the most exciting athletic and fitness companies in the world. Whether you own a small studio or manage a 5,000 square foot facility training professional athletes, our programs can help take you and your staff’s working knowledge of training, therapy and systematic program design and implementation to the next level and yield some serious return on your investment. In order to break through your toughest plateaus and reach record success in the next year, you must evolve or risk being passed by the competition.


Whether you own a small studio or manage a 5,000 square foot facility training professional athletes, our programs can help go to the next level.

What we specialize in…

This is about your business, your brand, and your vision for the future and what you want to achieve. My goal is to play a pivotal role in guiding you towards unsurpassed success.

Dr. John Rusin is an elite physical therapist and strength coach who is a pioneer in the field of soft tissue work, functional movement and intelligently designed hardcore strength programs that produce results, not injuries.

From National Olympic Committees to privately owned CrossFit Box’s and Training Centers, we have made a huge impact on our clients and their businesses that have generated superior results for their clientele, more educated staff members, and of course a better bottom line at the end of each month.

If you trust in your business, your products and your people, it’s time to give them the best the industry has to offer!

“Dr. John has played a pivotal roll in my performance throughout my playing years and now into my new physical challenges as an executive. His impressive mastery of the human body and its movements create the perfect environment for health, performance and overall wellness. From strength training to physical therapy, John has kept me at the top of my game, brought me back from debilitating injuries and taught me a lot along the way.”
Mark Prior, MLB All-Star
My training had been very powerlifting-specific for over a year in preparation for my first competition. After the meet, I wanted to give my body (and my mind) a short break and a chance to recharge my battery before my next competition. I decided to hop on Dr. John Rusin’s Functional Hypertrophy Training program for one very specific reason: he’s an industry leader when it comes to sports performance, physical fitness and rehabilitation.

I’m extremely selective when choosing a training program for myself, but John and his work definitely fit the bill in an overwhelming fashion here. I’ve been very happy with the results from training on the FHT program, from the incredibly detailed coaching notes he provides to the exercise video tutorials and personal touch. This program is loaded with helpful information and content. FHT gives you the necessary toolbox to train hard in the gym and recover intelligently in between sessions. I give this program my highest recommendation.

Matthew Ibrahim, Founder, Movement Resilience
“What truly set Dr. John Rusin apart was his deep understanding and passion for my training after my injury had healed in order to prevent future injuries and keep my competing at the highest level possible. With Dr. John, I have been able to stay injury free while competing at my highest level of all time.”
Kelly Hooper, Ironman 2015 All-World Athlete
“Dr. John Rusin is one of sharpest minds in the fitness industry. By combining his experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach and now, a Sports Performance Physical therapist, John truly bridges the gap unlike any other between high performance training and cutting edge physical therapy.”
Erich Bach, Owner, Bach Performance
Being a new father comes with many challenges: one being able to plan a workout schedule and sticking to it, given the unpredictability that parenthood brings. Mentally I was at a place where I knew I didn’t have the energy to plan my own workouts and just wanted to follow a program by someone I can trust—Dr. John Rusin was that trusted someone. I have been following his work for quite some time now, so when the opportunity came to give his Functional Hypertrophy Training program a try, it was a no brainer. Given John’s knowledge and background in sports performance, fitness, and rehabilitation, his program offers a nice blend of strength training protocols and recovery methods to help you train pain-free. The exercise video tutorials and information that’s provided are very helpful in guiding you through the program, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a challenge. Overall, I’m very happy with my progress and you will be too.
Johnny Tea, Strength Coach/ Manual Therapist
“When I’m at home in San Diego looking to set a new CrossFit PR or when I’m deployed at sea for months at a time looking to get the edge in my training under huge constraints of time and equipment, Dr. John has produced epic results for my physical fitness and performance.”
Nick, Officer, U.S. Navy
“Dr. John has literally brought me back from orthopedic hell on multiple occasions both with his hands on therapy and remote coaching programs and exercise techniques. From getting me back on the road after traumatic injury to working with me to develop personalized triathlon programs to fit my insanely busy schedule, Dr. John has done it all.”
Peter, Corporate CEO
“Dr. John continues to make waves in the fitness and physical therapy industries with his work in self-manual therapy and exercise programming. He is changing the game by bringing the skills needed to stay healthy and perform at your highest level to you, no matter where your geographical location.”
Erson Religioso, Owner, The Manual Therapist and Edge Mobility Systems


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