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Breaking Through Training Plateaus and Permanently Eradicating Pain & Dysfunction Is ALL About Individualization and Intelligent Programming

Dr. John Rusin is the expert OTHER experts come to when hit with pain, injuries and plateaus. With the right professional guidance, systemization and customized programming methods to meet your individual needs, you’ll be able to revolutionize the way you look, feel and function more effectively than you ever thought possible.

At some point in time in every athlete’s career they are hit with physical challenges that manifest in the form of pain, dysfunction and injuries that jeopardize not only their performance, but their way of life.

While stopping training all together is NOT an option, neither is mindlessly blasting yourself straight into further pain and injury in the gym. That’s why the most pivotal change that needs to be made is to focus in on fixing the origins of the problems. Bringing up weak links and eliminating pain is  best achieved with a detailed approach to reverse engineering movements, program structure and maintenance work.

Rebuilding the body back from pain and injuries takes a complete approach to regain your physical autonomy and start dominating training again while bulletproofing yourself against injuries and plateaus into the future.

Dr. John Rusin has had the privilege to coach, train, treat and consult with some of the world’s most elite strength and performance athletes.

From NFL and MLB All-Stars to Gold Medalist Olympians, from World Record holding powerlifters and IFBB Pro bodybuilders and figure athletes to All-World Ironman competitors, Dr. Rusin has rebuilt an impressively diverse client population back from the depths of pain and injury hell to once again perform at elite levels using his pain-free performance training systems that combine his expertise in rehabilitation and injury prevention with high performance programming and training methods.

And now, Dr. Rusin is taking on new remote consultation clients. With the same detailed deep dive that Dr. Rusin has used with extraordinary success with his in-person athletes and clients, Dr. Rusin’s remote consultation services will utilize and examine all aspects of your training, lifestyle and individual goal set to reverse engineer success via remote video based consultation calls.


Whether your goal is to finally rid your body of chronic aches and pains, or to perform at elite levels in your sport, Dr. John Rusin’s systems, methods and programming will revolutionize the way you train forever 

Dr. John Rusin specializes in rebuilding athletes from the ground up with a holistic approach to pain-free performance and longevity.

This is about your body, your performance and your longevity for the future of your health, fitness and wellness. My goal is to play an integral role in guiding you towards unsurpassed success without having your geographical location be a limiting factor in receiving world class care and coaching.

Dr. John Rusin is world renowned performance coach specializing in injury prevention and pain-free training. Dr. Rusin is a pioneer in the field of hybrid sports performance combining his expertise in both strength training and rehabilitation to build some of the industry’s most effective and complete programs for your athletes and clients.

From Olympians to professional athletes, powerlifters to bodybuilders, Dr. Rusin has helped elite strength athletes from around the world regain their physical autonomy and unlock their potential to once again dominate their training, sport and life with greater potential than ever.

If you trust in the Dr. Rusin’s methods and systems, the sky is truly the limit for your body, your performance and your lifestyle. Stop grinding your gears and get more achieved in one detailed consultation call with Dr. John Rusin that will revamp your training and health than you’ve ever thought possible.

“Over the past few years Dr.John Rusin is one of the few guys that really made me learn more about the various aspects of training. In our day and age it is rare to find a combination of no-nonsense, knowledgeable and genuine expert that not only talk/write a good game, but get real life results. John is one of those exceptional people and you would do well to soak up all the info he presents!”
Christian Thibaudeau, Strength Coach, Training Expert, Contributor at T-Nation
“I give props to anyone who can bleed the line between the weight room and the therapy table. John does it flawlessly. His techniques and methods WORK. No fluff. He’s got the antidote for athletes, meatheads, and gym rats that want to look, feel, and perform – BETTER.”
Joel Sanders, Strength & Conditioning Coach | EXOS
“There’s no better compliment than having the opportunity to work with and learn from a role model within the industry. To have the opportunity to work with John as part of a joint project, as well as have the chance to chat with him on his podcast was an eye opening experience for me as a trainer and business owner. The time and dedication John puts into developing his programs is unlike anything I’ve seen from any other coach within the industry and his astounding list of published articles speak for themselves. Making the decision to invest in a coach can be a challenging choice, but with John it’s certain you will be in good hands and see the results you’re working for! His willingness to help spread and share information to maximize your results goes to show his passion for health and fitness and his passion for what he does is undeniable.”
Kalli Youngstrom, IFBB Pro | Fitness, Diet & Lifestyle Coach
“It has been a pleasure getting to know John and see his work. He is not bound by dogma, and continues combine creativity with sound and scientifically accurate info to create fantastic results!”
John Meadows, Founder of MountainDogDiet.com
“Dr. John has played a pivotal roll in my performance throughout my playing years and now into my new physical challenges as an executive. His impressive mastery of the human body and its movements create the perfect environment for health, performance and overall wellness. From strength training to physical therapy, John has kept me at the top of my game, brought me back from debilitating injuries and taught me a lot along the way.”
Mark Prior, MLB All-Star

Invest In Yourself

If you’re interested in working with me, you can register for my individualized remote video based consultation services below that can be completed remotely from anywhere in the world.

Consultations will include a detailed medial and training history intake, a video based consultation call, and follow up correspondence for programming considerations to move you forward.