Strength & Hypertrophy Movement Staples
Hours of Detailed Video Tutorials & Guides
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Integrated programming options for every type of client and athlete, focusing on WOD style programming, rehabilitation, sports performance and general fitness

What’s in the Box?

Bulletproof Muscle is a systemized guide that focuses on coaching through the detailed execution and perfectly integrated programming strategies of traditional and innovative strength and hypertrophy based movements and exercises to gain a mastery level of movements to develop pain-free muscle.

This program leaves no stone unturned, covering:

  • 70+ strength and hypertrophy based movement staples
  • Over 2.5 hours of detailed video tutorials from Dr. John Rusin and Dr. Ryan DeBell
  • 200+ pages of custom written coaching notes for perfect execution, programming and progression
  • Integrated programming options for every type of client and athlete, focusing on WOD style programming, rehabilitation, sports performance and general fitness

Bulletproof Muscle is your go to source for strength and hypertrophy training and coaching methods and techniques, presented with clinical precision by some of the most innovative and respected minds in the performance training and rehabilitation industries.

No matter if you are training in a WOD style program yourself, or have goals of enhancing your muscle mass while staying pain free in the process, this program will guide you through how to intelligently implement these strategies into any type of training specialty. From Sports Performance to Rehabilitation, Functional Fitness to General Fitness, Bulletproof Muscle will enhance the quality and results of your training, no matter what the goal.

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Over 200 pages and 2.5+ hours covering 70+ staple hypertrophy moves.

Upper Body: Horizontal Push

The Horizontal Push has to involve more than just the bench press if your goal is maximizing strength and muscle while staying injury free. In this section, we will break down the major pressing movements involving barbells, dumbbells and the push up. These muscle building variations will yield maximal benefit while minimizing joint stress and chronic injuries.


Upper Body: Horizontal Pull

No single movement pattern may be overlooked as much as the Horizontal Pull in many facets of training and fitness. In this section, we will detail the row pattern and it’s many variations, how to best to implement these movements into your training, and why maximizing postural alignment and integrity of the spine and shoulders needs to be a priority when building a bulletproof upper body.

Upper Body: Vertical Push

The Vertical Push is one of the most polarizing overhead movements in training, but also a pattern that many people struggle to maximize in a pain-free way. In this section, we will teach the foundational overhead lifts, while introducing some effective alternatives to the barbell overhead press to build pain-free muscle while enhancing performance and function in the process.

Upper Body: Vertical Pull

The pull up is one of the single most emphasized movements across the world, but the Vertical Pull often time lacks variety, which may predispose movement dysfunction and injuries. In this section, we will teach you how to execute the perfect pull up, but also how to integrate variations in both body and hand placement to get the very most out of your pain-free muscle building.

Shoulder Emphasis

Direct shoulder is often times overlooked, especially in athletic and general fitness populations that present with shoulder pain and dysfunction at epidemic levels. In this section, we are going to bring you through how to execute the foundational Shoulder Emphasis movements to keep your clients, patients and athletes building functional muscle without pain.

Arm Emphasis

No muscle building program is complete without appreciating and mastering the power of Arm Emphasis based training. In this section, we will focus on building the biceps, triceps and forearms with both foundational and innovative movements and exercises. These will provide the perfect training stimulus to forge bodies that look as strong and functional as they perform.

Lower Body: Squat

They don’t call the Squat the king of all strength movements for nothing. This compound movement pattern is a cornerstone of strength, muscle development and movement re-patterning, and we will be teaching our methods behind coaching this foundational movement and it’s many powerful variations to forge muscle, functional strength and resiliency against injury in this section.

Lower Body: Hip Hinge

The Hip Hinge movement pattern is one of the most important movements to not only master for long term injury prevention, but also to maximize in strength and hypertrophy training. Emphasizing the coordinated muscular development of the glutes, hamstrings and spinal stabilizers is one of the single most powerful ways to transfer training into performance. We’ll review exactly how to do this.

Lower Body: Single Leg Lunge

Training Single Leg movements is about more than just balance and coordination. Emphasizing the split stance allows us to overload the muscular systems of our athletes while minimizing joint stress. In this section, we will teach the lunge, split squat and staple variations of each to build functional muscle and improve performance and resiliency against injury.

Exercise Tutorial Example

Here’s a really quick taste of what’s inside Bulletproof Muscle

Single Arm Barbell Row

The following movement will be set up in a landmine position with one end of the barbell down and stabilized in a corner or groove. This single arm barbell variation allows for some novel strength and hypertrophy stimulus while providing a better “feel” for the constant tension and varying strength curve of each movement.

The Programming

The single arm barbell row is one of the single most effective primer movements I’ve used for back emphasized training. Working within pure hypertrophy based set and rep schemes around 12 reps works perfectly for getting the muscles of the posterior chain activated, while also creating a pump in the process.

The Execution

Standing next to the barbell, you will grab the barbell up against the collar with a neutral grip. The lower body will be positioned with a split stance that will be very similar to the single arm barbell row off the rack. From here, it is pivotal to bring the opposite arm and elbow down onto the leg to stabilize the movement. So resting on the knee will create essentially the same stabilization that we have on the 3-point stance and off the rack row variations. The advantage that we need to be playing into on these landmine setups are the great stretch we are able to safely elicit at the bottom portion of the movement. So control the range of motion, and really work on keeping constant tension throughout the entire posterior chain system. Also note that you want to be using small plates such as 10s and 25s to make sure you can open up the needed range of motion at the top and bottom of the movement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Muscle hypertrophy is an increase in muscle mass by increasing cross-sectional area. It is essentially muscle growth.
There are numerous reasons to want to grow muscle mass, but the main ones are: improved aesthetics, positive changes in body composition, strength gain, improved tendon health, improved metabolism, and improved issue resilience.
Bulletproof Muscle has detailed video and written instruction for over 70 different muscle building lifts.
Bulletproof Muscle isn’t just a training program. Bulletproof Muscle is the go-to resource for learning, teaching, and properly executing hypertrophy based exercises. John Rusin and Ryan DeBell are both practicing healthcare providers who work primarily with athletes. They teach how to perform 70+ exercises safely while building muscle.
Within minutes after purchasing Bulletproof Muscle, you will receive a 200+ page PDF document with links to 70+ video tutorials. This is not a physical product.
After purchasing Bulletproof Muscle, you will receive the PDF document which contains links to all the videos. Click on the link and it’ll direct you to the video.
Hypertrophy training is a critical component to exercise rehabilitation, especially at the end stages. Making tissue bigger and stronger after an injury is essential to returning to sport and preventing future injury. Clinicians will find the exercises and programming suggestions in Bulletproof Muscle valuable when getting athletes back to lifting heavy weights and performing high level activities. Let’s be honest, in most DPT, DC, ATC, and other healthcare programs, building strength and muscle mass isn’t taught in enough depth to give healthcare providers confidence in teaching lifts to patients with proper coaching and execution. With the detailed videos and written notes in Bulletproof Muscle, healthcare providers will have a deep selection of exercises to use with patients and clients to build real world strength and muscle.
We believe that hypertrophy training, from the rep scheme, to tempo, to time under tension, to exercise selection shown in Bulletproof Muscle can greatly help you and can be integrated with WOD style programming to help improve body composition, add muscle mass, and build strength even more than they already are. We are huge fans of CrossFit and think the addition of hypertrophy training is an asset for you. 75% of the exercises taught in Bulletproof Muscle aren’t used in most boxes and can be used complement what you are already doing. In fact, we even show how you can add in hypertrophy blocks to a 1-hour class
If you are looking to expand your skillset, then yes. Bulletproof Muscle covers all the muscle building lifts you need to know in both detailed video and detailed written format. A model for integration of hypertrophy training into various settings is also included. You will learn how you can use it in different settings from WOD style programming, to sports performance, to exercise rehabilitation, to general fitness.
FHT is a great program. And that is exactly the difference. While FHT is a great 12-week muscle building program, Bulletproof Muscle is detailed video and written instruction of 70+ different lifts. Think of FHT as a program you can do at the gym and Bulletproof Muscle as the ultimate reference for all the muscle building lifts you need for any application or program.
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Who Are The Coaches?

Dr. John Rusin and Dr. Ryan DeBell epitomize what it is to synergize the fields of sports performance and rehabilitation science together to create one of the most effective hybrid approaches to training in the fitness industry. Their innovative methods have been used to improve performance and prevent injuries to athletes worldwide. 

john rusin

Dr. John Rusin

Dr. John Rusin is an internationally recognized sports performance and fitness expert specializing in strength, hypertrophy and injury prevention based training. Dr. Rusin develops performance, regeneration, and aesthetics programs for some of the world’s best power athletes, including NFL Pro-Bowlers, MLB All-Stars, gold-medalist Olympians, All-World IronMan Triathletes, competitive powerlifters, professional bodybuilders and a host of other elite level athletes and clients.

Ryan Debell

Dr. Ryan DeBell

Dr. Ryan DeBell is an international speaker and educator specializing in functional movement, injury prevention, and enhancing performance. He has worked with hundreds of box owners and thousands of trainers to integrate assessing the big lifts, designing programs, and blending movement prep into WOD style programming. Dr. DeBell also has a clinical practice, working with everyday athletes as well as athletes participating in the CrossFit Games in the individual, team, and masters divisions.

“What John and Ryan have put together with Bulletproof muscle is in it’s own league. The intro section is as informative as it is “keeping it real,” and really helps set the stage for the rest of the presentation. However, the best feature, I think, is the ridiculously thorough, yet still easily understandable breakdowns of the exercises with both a tutorial and demo set video for each exercise. I will absolutely refer back to this presentation again and again in the future, both for myself and for coaching my patients. This product would be a great resource for any coach, clinician, trainer, etc who works with the athletic or general population”

Stephanie Allen, DPT


“John is a leader in the fitness industry, and this product demonstrates once again his breadth of knowledge and skill involving the human body. The tutorials in Bulletproof Muscle are very thorough and detailed. John and Ryan really do a nice job teaching the proper technique with these movements and exercises. Their goal is to teach workouts in a safe manner, all while making you a beast in the gym! Bulletproof Muscle is something i would not only recommend to beginners to working out, but also to more advanced lifters and medical professionals who want to help themselves and help their clients or patients.

Brian Fischer, BS, CMT, CSCS, TPI


Over 200 pages and 2.5+ hours covering 70+ staple hypertrophy moves.


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Let me know your name and email and I'll forward you the recommendation. 
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