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    Functional Power Training (FPT) is the world’s first and only strength and performance program to break endless PR’s, without breaking your body. This premier training system will command new levels of maximum strength, transform your physique, and bulletproof your body for life.

    Along with 12 unique weeks of Dr. John Rusin’s pain-free performance training comes the ultimate strength training resource to help you get bigger, stronger and more resilient. This isn’t just another program, it’s the biggest and best resource for strength, power and longevity and includes:

    • Over 120,000 words
    • 350 pages of premium content
    • 3+ hours of high-value video
    • Interactive training guides
    • Premium training logs
    • An extensive training library with over 300+ exercise videos
    • Custom coaching cues on every movement
    • Custom nutritional programming to synergize with FPT
    • And so much more…
    Whether you’ve been lifting for 6-months or are a seasoned veteran of the iron game, Functional Power Training will:
    • Blow up your big lifts without pain.
    • Improve your training capacity, health and longevity.
    • Break personal records without breaking down your body.
    • Rebuild your body’s most important foundational movement patterns.
    • Change the way you think about strength and power training forever.

    Over the next 12 weeks, Functional Power Training will help you shatter your expectations of what you thought you were physically capable of. We’ll show you how to build your squat, bench press, and deadlift sustainability and injury free... while helping you build muscle and athleticism.

    Your body will be more resilient. You’ll be stronger than ever. You’ll have bigger classic barbell lifts, bigger accessories, bigger aesthetics, and you’ll actually be able to sustain these gains. You’ll do a different workout every training session for the next 12 weeks. Every movement varies in a specific order to take you a step closer to unlocking your potential.

    In these training sessions, you’ll discover how to train smarter, so you can:

    • Beat your personal bests.
    • Stay healthy and resilient against injuries.
    • Stay challenged and motivated each training session.
    • See huge muscle and strength gains while staying pain-free.

    We’re not just breaking PR’s. You’re going to break PR’s every week, which keeps you fresh and excited to train week after week. When you follow FPT you WILL get stronger, build lean muscle, lose fat, and become more resilient than ever. It’s fun and it works unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. You’ll never go back to training the old way ever again. Are you ready to revolutionize your training?

  • Welcome to the FIRST ever Dr. John Rusin Training Camp! DATE: September 3-5, 2021 LOCATION: Madison, Wisconsin Coming in LIVE from the Midwest Strength Mecca Madtown Fitness located in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin, JR's training camp will push you to your mental and physical limits in a way you never thought possible. This 2.5 day training intensive will offer a combination of advanced programming and coaching strategy, personalized training sessions AND a little fun as well. We will kick things off on Friday afternoon with an introduction lecture and training session, before recovering hard with a welcome social to meet and greet your coaches, colleagues and friends in attendance. Saturday's schedule will turn up the notch on intensity. The morning will combine classroom advanced programming lectures straight into the gym to put the methods to madness. And after lunch, we're hitting it again with another lecture and training session to end the day strong BEFORE we hit the town for a group dinner. Similar to Saturday, Sunday will consist of two lectures and two training sessions to take action and apply RIGHT AWAY what's learned in the classroom like never before. But the best thing yet? Along with your head coach Dr. John Rusin, you'll be coached up by some the entire JRx team including Director of Programming, Taylor Van De Loo, Logistics Coordinator, Tim Danchak and all around badass Lala Duncan. After years of clients begging for a retreat style training camp, NOW is the time! Limited to 15 attendees (this will sell out instantly so please don't wait, secure your spot today).
  • Early bird ticket for the Los Angeles Dr. John Rusin seminar.
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    Early bird ticket for the Los Angeles Dr. John Rusin seminar.
  • Regular ticket for the Los Angeles Dr. John Rusin seminar.
  • THIS PRODUCT IS ON PREORDER. Estimated restock ETA is first half of September! Say goodbye to painful knees and sore elbows. After years in the making, the Official JRx X-Large Blue Pad is finally here and ready to save your knees, elbows, ass and other pressure sensitive areas during training. Designed with an extra large width that fits BOTH knees comfortably, this pad measures in at 20'' long, 16'' wide and 2'' thick. The perfect size for kneeling exercises, box squats, forearm planks, direct ab work and push ups. And of course, a great "functional" training tool for balance, proprioception and stability that can be utilized in warm ups, rehabilitation and general unconventional exercises and training. This pad has been designed with a textured Non-Slip Surface so you won't eat shit while training on slick surfaces, while also providing additional grip with a sweat-proof layer for protection of the pad, and yourself while you sweat it out. Constructed out of a premium super-soft and durable TPE foam, this pad will not only hold up for the long run, but maintain size and shape even with hard use in training. Lightweight, durable and easy to carry, the Official JRx X-Large Blue Pad will have you covered, no matter if you're at home, in the gym, or supplying your facility with the best equipment on the market.
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    Functional Hypertrophy Training (FHT) is a system of developing extraordinary muscular strength and hypertrophy that has been built off of the six foundational movement patterns:
    • Squat,
    • Hip Hinge,
    • Lunge,
    • Upper Body Press,
    • Upper Body Pull,
    • Loaded Carry.
    Focusing on maximizing big compound movements with your bodyweight, bells, bands and balls, it will give you the opportunity to become as functional and athletic as you become stronger and more muscular. Based on my specific methods, this program has been formulated in a very special manner to yield optimal hypertrophy and strength gains without the aches and pains that are commonly associated with more hardcore style programs.
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    Early regular for the Columbus PPSC seminar.
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    Early bird ticket for the Columbus PPSC seminar.
  • Out of stock
    Early bird ticket for the Columbus PPSC seminar.
  • Out of stock
    Early regular for the Columbus PPSC seminar.
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