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20 03, 2017

How To Front Squat Without Wrist, Elbow & Shoulder Pain

By | March 20th, 2017|Performance, Strength Training|2 Comments

Stop Front Squatting Like An Olympic Lifter While the front squat is one of the best bang for your buck movements for developing full body strength and function, many lifters struggle to train this squat variation hard, heavy and pain-free due to the pain at the wrist, elbow [click to continue...]

6 03, 2017

How To Build Muscle & Strength In ANY Rep Range

By | March 6th, 2017|Bodybuilding, Performance, Strength Training|3 Comments

A Well Rounded Programming Approach For Building Muscle & Strength The days of narrow minded programming for building muscle mass and developing strength are behind us. Forget what you thought you knew about training for strength and hypertrophy, and learn to embrace the [click to continue...]

1 03, 2017

How Stretching Can Build Muscle & Develop Strength

By | March 1st, 2017|Physical Therapy, Strength Training|3 Comments

Start Stretching To Build Muscle & Unlock Mobility Simultaneously If you've been left frustrated after trying to "fix" your mobility by slaving over the foam roller and religiously stretching each day, here's the reality. If soft tissue work and stretching didn't work th [click to continue...]

27 02, 2017

The 8 Most Effective Coaching Cues That You Aren’t Using

By | February 27th, 2017|Corrective Exercise, Performance, Physical Therapy, Strength Training|4 Comments

Fix Your Technique With More Effective Cueing As athletes and coaches, our results are highly depend on proper movement execution and the continuous progress towards optimizing movement patterns to build a foundation of pain-free function. One of the single most challenging [click to continue...]

20 02, 2017

Stop Deadlifting With A Mixed Grip

By | February 20th, 2017|Performance, Strength Training|17 Comments

You're Deadlifting With The Wrong Grip To Build Strength & Resilience If you've been strength training for long enough, chances are you've been dogmatically taught to only barbell deadlift with a mixed grip. Not only does the alternating hand position utilizing one under [click to continue...]

15 02, 2017

The One Exercise That Will Fix Your Achy Shoulders Forever

By | February 15th, 2017|Corrective Exercise, Physical Therapy, Strength Training|2 Comments

Build Your Upper Back To Save Your Shoulders With the rising incidence of chronic shoulder pain and dysfunction running ramped throughout the active population, something needs to be done to protect and rebuild healthy and pain-free shoulders. The actual mechanism of general [click to continue...]

6 02, 2017

The Future of Fitness, Functional Training & Rehab with Dr. Craig Liebenson

By | February 6th, 2017|Corrective Exercise, Performance, Physical Therapy|1 Comment

There may be no term more polarizing in our sports performance and fitness industries than functional training over the past decade. But in lieu of it’s popularity, it’s apparent that people simply don’t know the true meaning, theory or application of this type of training m [click to continue...]

30 01, 2017

You’re Doing Lateral Shoulder Raises Wrong

By | January 30th, 2017|Bodybuilding, Performance, Strength Training|5 Comments

If the only thing that you achieve by cranking out endless sets of dumbbell lateral raises is broken down and achy shoulders, chances are you are training this movement totally wrong. Before you throw away the lateral raise for good deeming it an "inherently dangerous" movem [click to continue...]

25 01, 2017

6 Foundational Movements That Every Person On Earth Needs To Master

By | January 25th, 2017|Performance, Physical Therapy, Strength Training|5 Comments

There's No Faking The Mastery of Foundational Movement Patterns While there are no "exercises" that are absolute necessities in smart strength training programs, there are six foundational movement patterns that every single person walking the earth should be able to develop [click to continue...]

23 01, 2017

6 Staple Movements For Bigger, Healthier Shoulders

By | January 23rd, 2017|Bodybuilding, Performance, Strength Training|2 Comments

Intelligently Build Your Shoulders To Get Out of Pain If you want shoulders that aren't chronically broken down and pissed off, you better hammer the backsides of your shoulders with concentrated volume and emphasis every day you walk into the gym. Think of building a thick [click to continue...]


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