3 02, 2020
  • upper body plyometrics

Top 17 UPPER BODY Plyometrics For Speed, Power & Performance

2020-02-04T10:52:01-06:00By |

Plyometrics: Not Just Jumping For The Legs Right now I want offer you a complete a fully detailed progressive upper body plyometrics training system. For starters, plyometrics are any speed, speed-strength, and power based exercises that involves a rapid loading and unloading of your muscles and tendons to forcefully accelerate the [...]

23 07, 2018
  • force velocity curve

Maximizing The Force-Velocity Curve For Power & Strength Development
What You Don't Know About Training FORCE Is Killing Your Gains

2018-07-23T16:57:47-05:00By |

Training The Forgotten Force-Velocity Curve Let’s face it, when it comes to maximizing performance in the gym and on the field, most athletes and coaches have no idea how to actually train to develop true strength and power capacities, let alone how to manipulate force and velocity. While strength and power training [...]

31 08, 2016
  • what women want

What Women Want: Top 4 Must Have Movements

2019-06-08T17:23:30-05:00By |

The Most Requested Exercises by My Female Clients Over the years I've carved out a little niche in women's fitness as a personal trainer. And I have to say, empowering these ladies with the iron and training hard and heavy has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my career. [...]

20 07, 2016

The Ultimate Resource Guide for Strength and Conditioning Interns

2020-07-08T09:21:39-05:00By |

I’ve seen hundreds of strength and conditioning interns over the past 10 years and it almost never fails that the best ones simply read more than the more average interns. There is no better way for strength and conditioning interns  to fast-track their knowledge and skill set than to devour information. That’s [...]

30 09, 2015

Running, The Most Injurious Exercise in the World
The Truth Behind Running Injury Science

2020-04-04T13:01:00-05:00By |

I found running to be the most injurious form of physical fitness a year or so ago in one of my more popular Testosterone Nation articles. To say that I took a lot of heat on that article would be an understatement. But guess what? There are more people in the world [...]

18 08, 2015

Why The Masters Athlete Is Taking Over The Fitness Industry

2020-07-19T12:38:17-05:00By |

The prowess and success of the Masters Athlete is absolutely on the rise. With a growing number of the baby boomer's reaching older ages in the next decade, it is clear that the future of the fitness industry and its overall success in enhancing peoples lives for the better is largely dependent on [...]


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