Here’s What You Need To Know…

1. Want to target the entire core, including the shoulder and hip complexes in addition to the abdominal wall simultaneously to improve functional strength? Try the Pallof Press.

2. Make this staple “anti-rotation” core strength movement even more effective by dropping down on one knee. This will challenge balance, stability and coordination of the hips, shoulder and abs working together synergistically.

3. Bands are the perfect way to train this movement, as the accommodating resistance challenges the core to stabilize harder as the band is pressed further away from the body, which is perfect for improving activation.

4. Add this movement as a finisher to any type of training day to target the core, sky rocket the heart rate and improve your functional stability in the process.

Developing “Real” Core Strength & Stability

Want to target the entire core, including the shoulder and hip complexes in addition to the abdominal wall? Forget endless crunches and sit ups that place your spine into repeated flexion based loading and give the Pallof Press a shot. This anti-rotation movement will challenge your static and dynamic stability of the pillar.

The pillar consists of the shoulders, hips and core working in synergy to create strong and stable positions to keep the spine in neutral, but also to transmit huge amounts of force through the core during training and athletic movement.

“Anti-core” based exercises and positions have the ability to resist unwanted movement and re-train your stability patterns while also crushing your abs and the rest of your torso muscles together.

Training muscles to fire together eventually “wire” together, meaning your neuromuscular system will link up and make these new patterns usable exactly when you need them to enhance performance and prevent injuries!

The Half Kneeling Banded Pallof Press

The Half Kneeling Banded Pallof Press is a staple in FHT programming because it trains the pillar hard and translates well into the big lifts and foundational movement patterns.

Think it looks too easy? Load it up with banded accommodating resistance and don’t budge an inch except for controlling your arms in a slow and smooth coordinated motion. Want to make this anti-rotation core exercise even more effective? Drop down and get into the half kneeling position.

Here’s exactly how to do it:

  1. Place a band to the side of you at shoulder height off a stable base.
  2. Band is placed to the side of the knee on the ground (can be alternated).
  3. Get into a strong half kneeling position and fire you glutes, adductors and core.
  4. Put tension through the band and bring your hands to just in front your chest.
  5. You can interlock your fingers or grab the band hand over hand, it’s your preference.
  6. Once in a stable position, press your hands straight out from your chest slowly.
  7. Focus on maintaining your core brace while squeezing your chest and shoulders hard.
  8. Hold this extended position briefly to peak the tension.
  9. Return slowly to the starting position
  10. Pause for a split second just in front of your chest and repeat.

What Makes This Movement So Effective

What makes this movement so effective for building a bulletproof core is the internal tension you’ll be able to achieve will sky-rocket your heart rate and truly train your core musculature. And again, the right type of bands are the perfect way to elicit this type of tension and stability.

The muscles of the core were designed to stabilize the spinal column and prevent movement, so training it so prevent rotation in this movement is the perfect way to target a commonly neglected action of the core. Also, by adding an asymmetrical half kneeling stance, we can train the hip and pelvic musculature to stabilize out of alternating positions, which is great for improving core and spinal stability.

This is an “internal tension” based movement, meaning the harder you brace and squeeze the glutes, shoulder and core simultaneously, the more you’ll get out of the movement. Master your internal tension first, and increase the resistance of the band, or place more stretch through the band at the starting position over time to challenge this movement pattern.

This movement is a perfect fit for a core finisher at the end of any type of training day. Start with 2-3 sets of 10-12 slow and controlled reps per side with 30-45 seconds between sets. Make sure to train both sides by simply turning around and switching your knee down position before you take your rest period. Enjoy.

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