11 01, 2017

The Top 30 Exercises To Build Strong Abs & Healthy Lower Backs

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Want To Stay Healthy? Build A Resilient Core If you want to have a long-lasting training career full of beneficial results until the day you put the dumbbells down forever, there is one absolute quality that can help you achieve that. A resilient core. Building yourself a w [...]

21 12, 2016

The Best Squat Variation You’ve Never Used Before

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Here's What You Need To Know... 1. Coaches, athletes and rehab pros need to stop force feeding the barbell squat! Not every person is going to be able to tolerate the this variations due to pain, lack of technical skill, and of course their goals not matching up to having a [...]

26 10, 2016

The 20 Most Effective Exercises To Train Around Shoulder Pain

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If you've been around the iron long enough, you'll know that chronically achy and pissed off shoulders are the single most common ailment in athletes and lifters. The next time your shoulders are in the midst of a fiery flare up, remember... there are always smart ways to tr [...]

19 09, 2016

How To Use Band Training To Build Resilient Muscle & Prevent Injuries

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The Most Undervalued Type of Resistance The use of bands in training is nothing new in the fitness and sports performance industries. That being said, the popularization of band training has created one hell of a double-edged sword for producing results while staying health [...]

10 08, 2016

My Approach To Building Muscle Without Injuries

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No PAIN, No GAIN? More Like MORE Pain, No GAINS! What is pain-free hypertrophy training? It’s exactly what it sounds like. By using advanced training methods and an intelligent system, you can achieve both the addition of lean muscle and the reduction of body fat without br [...]

8 06, 2016

Ramp Up Your Major Lifts For Performance & Injury Prevention

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Here's What You Need To Know... 1. The dynamic warm up is an integral part of the pre-training routine, but it isn't everything. The use of strategic "ramp up" sets will not only warm you up, but add pain-free volume to your training in the process. 2. If muscle and strengt [...]

18 05, 2016

Perfect Supersets For Strength, Muscle & Spinal Health

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The Power of Programming Supersets One of the easiest ways to cut time off your workouts and add a challenging metabolic component to hypertrophy-specific training is by including the intelligent programming of supersets and compound sets. Not only will supersets allow you t [...]

9 05, 2016

Build a Resilient Set of Glutes with The Pull Through

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The glutes are the functional cornerstone of the human body, and anyone who doesn't agree should review their movement anatomy and gross human biomechanics. The glutes also happen to be one of the most neglected regions for most lifters who are caught up in the hysteria of o [...]