22 09, 2020
  • indian club

Ancient Answers For Shoulder Health & Longevity

2020-09-22T07:02:37-05:00By |

Today's Problem With Shoulder Pain and Poor Posture With today's western society continuing to battle chronic shoulder pain, injuries and postural problems, sometimes you must look to the past for for the answers to the future for health and longevity. What's old is new again, and damn do we need that now [...]

25 05, 2020
  • battle ropes

Top 30 Battle Rope Exercises For Power, Strength & Endurance

2020-05-25T11:29:42-05:00By |

Battle Ropes: MORE Than Just A Brutal Conditioning Tool Most people and coaches think, “It is just a battle rope. All you do is use it for upper body cardio finishers. Alternating waves until you’re dead, and that is that!” While it is true that you can use it for upper body [...]

22 07, 2019
  • form double standards

The 3 Biggest Form Double Standards In Fitness
How Specific Form Standards May Compromise Health & Progress

2019-07-22T15:53:37-05:00By |

Perfect Form Does NOT Exist... Teaching exercise is incredibly rewarding. We get to potentially be part of legitimately changing people’s lives for the better. However, it is not always a simple task, especially when it comes to exercise form. We are dealing with complex humans, specifically from the perspectives of emotion, psychology, [...]

22 04, 2019
  • breathing

Top 6 Breathing Drills To Reduce Stress and Optimize Performance

2019-05-18T20:18:29-05:00By |

Fix Your Breathing To Optimize Your Performance If you’ve hit a strength, endurance or performance plateau, or are just feeling beat to shit after every training session with the inability to recover, stop blaming your training and nutrition program on your stagnation and start looking at the movement pattern that transcends any [...]

14 03, 2019
  • Science of Squat Stance

The Science of Finding The Perfect Squat Stance
Anthropometrical Considerations For Customizing The Squat Pattern

2019-03-18T07:49:14-05:00By |

DEBUNKING DEEPLY ROOTED SQUAT DOGMA The squat has been one of the most debated topics across demographics in the fitness and sports performance industries for as long as people have been lifting weights. As the fitness industry continues maturing, so does the ability to answer some of these debated questions. In [...]

10 12, 2018
  • injury prevention

The Personal Trainer’s Guide To Injury Prevention
How To Keep Your Clients Healthy, Happy & Achieving Results

2018-12-11T09:25:30-06:00By |

Keeping Your Clients Healthy Needs To Be Top Priority As a coach, the last thing that should ever happen under your watch is your client or athlete hurting themselves. Some injuries, unfortunately, happen and are unpreventable. But as a coach you must injury prevention must first be prioritized over performance in order [...]

22 10, 2018
  • shoulder health

Top 6 Exercises To Take Back Your Shoulder Health
Struggling With Shoulder Pain and Injuries? Do These 6 Exercises...

2018-10-23T08:49:29-05:00By |

Rebuilding Shoulder Strength, Stability & Performance When it comes to excelling at pull-ups, bench press or literally ANY other movement on earth, having strong and stable shoulders, and also being able to control the mobility of your shoulders and shoulder blades is absolutely imperative for performance and shoulder health. Many people fall [...]

23 09, 2018
  • hip mobility

10 Exercises To Instantly Improve Hip Mobility

2018-09-23T17:51:59-05:00By |

The Most Notoriously "TIGHT" Region of The Body Have you ever asked the average person who has been battling chronic lower back pain or a painful hip pinch what they think the problem is? As a physical therapist and coach, I ask these questions for a living. And usually, the answer goes [...]


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