14 12, 2021

Top 10 Unconventional Landmine Exercises

2021-12-14T14:25:10-06:00By |

Let's face it, most exercise programming has become an agonizing, drool inducing set up of routines anyone can write and no one wants to do. Somewhere along the lines, we forgot to make exercise FUN. We lost our ability to create more engaging workouts and routines at the fear of shattering our [...]

  • american health
1 11, 2021

American Health X
The Failures of Big Food, Fitness & Pharma

2021-11-01T14:54:20-05:00By |

The Preventable Downfall of American Health It does not take much effort to see that the health of western culture, and specifically America, has problems. The fabric of the world’s leading power is potentially torn beyond repair. The shreds are deeper than the expanding political divide, a crippling global pandemic, and [...]

  • speed training
24 08, 2021

6 Common Speed Drills That Make You Slower

2021-08-24T07:08:26-05:00By |

Want to Get Faster? Don't Get Slower What I’m about to share with you completely goes against the grain when it comes to speed training, but to say it’s overdue is an absolute understatement. In this article you will be provided all the information you need to dismantle the long-held notion you [...]

26 07, 2021

The 5 Forgotten Laws of Fat Loss

2021-07-27T08:24:13-05:00By |

Are You Training For Fat Loss? Many of us want to see the physical improvements in our body composition from the hard work we put into the gym. While celebrities and athletes may have top notch facilities, programs, recovery methods and even daily mapped out meals for fat loss, it doesn’t [...]

  • kettlebell snatch
21 06, 2021

Top 22 Kettlebell Snatch Variations For Power & Performance

2021-06-21T15:13:15-05:00By |

The Complete Kettlebell Exercise The snatch is a powerful full-body exercise that can be done with a variety of tools. Purists will say you can only do them with barbells, but if the goal isn’t to get onto an Olympic weightlifting team then your body and performance will enjoy the variety [...]

  • High Intensity Interval Training For Fat Loss
25 05, 2021

The Death of HIIT For Fat Loss

2021-05-25T07:21:27-05:00By |

HIIT Is Failing You and Your Fat Loss Efforts Summer shred season has officially begun which means gym-goers across the country are now in search of the “best fat loss program” they can find.  What they typically find on the internet is that HIIT is the “best” form of training to [...]


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