25 05, 2020
  • battle ropes

Top 30 Battle Rope Exercises For Power, Strength & Endurance

2020-05-25T11:29:42-05:00By |

Battle Ropes: MORE Than Just A Brutal Conditioning Tool Most people and coaches think, “It is just a battle rope. All you do is use it for upper body cardio finishers. Alternating waves until you’re dead, and that is that!” While it is true that you can use it for upper body [...]

11 05, 2020
  • reverse aging with exercise

6 Ways To Reverse The Aging Process with Exercise

2020-05-11T19:28:05-05:00By |

Physical & Mental Age-Related Declines Are NOT Inevitable Aging isn’t a sexy topic to discuss. Most people would rather talk about grammatical structure, fossil fuels, the Dewey Decimal system, or anything else, really, that doesn’t have to do with age. After all, aging is largely associated with falling apart, wasting away, [...]

9 03, 2020
  • injury prevention

10 Commandments of Injury Prevention

2020-04-30T07:55:19-05:00By |

If you want to live a life packed full of meaningful training and sustainable progression without every falling victim to debilitating injuries, here are the 10 commandments of injury prevention that you need to live by. Staying healthy in the iron game isn’t a random coincidence, it’s a choice. Make yours [...]

3 02, 2020
  • upper body plyometrics

Top 17 UPPER BODY Plyometrics For Speed, Power & Performance

2020-02-04T10:52:01-06:00By |

Plyometrics: Not Just Jumping For The Legs Right now I want offer you a complete a fully detailed progressive upper body plyometrics training system. For starters, plyometrics are any speed, speed-strength, and power based exercises that involves a rapid loading and unloading of your muscles and tendons to forcefully accelerate the [...]

4 11, 2019
  • the original heart rate tracking system for performance and recovery

The Original Heart Rate Training System For Performance and Recovery

2021-09-01T11:45:02-05:00By |

Using Heart Rate Monitoring To Enhance Training and Recovery Step counters, chest straps, watches, sleep monitors, you name it. Technology is seemingly taking over the fitness industry, and heart rate training has officially hit its mainstream peak in recent years through accessibility and marketing. But is this a new trend, or [...]


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