10 05, 2022

Full Range of Motion FOREVER
Forget 90-Degrees

2022-05-10T14:26:54-05:00By |

Full Range of Motion vs. Partial Range of Motion Training Is this even a debate? Full range of motion, FOREVER. Forget this 90-degree nonsense that defies every established principle of biomechanics, movement anatomy, neurophysiology and motor skill development that’s been producing muscle, strength and resilience results for hundreds of years. But [...]

18 01, 2022

One Size Fits All Does Not Work For Fitness

2022-02-02T10:58:29-06:00By |

When it comes to feeling your best, things like clothing and food portions aren’t labeled as “one-size-fits-all”, so why should fitness be any different? In a world where fitness is now just a click of a button away on the internet..... Online Training Programs and Follow Along Workouts have been clogging up [...]

24 08, 2021
  • speed training

6 Common Speed Drills That Make You Slower

2021-08-24T07:08:26-05:00By |

Want to Get Faster? Don't Get Slower What I’m about to share with you completely goes against the grain when it comes to speed training, but to say it’s overdue is an absolute understatement. In this article you will be provided all the information you need to dismantle the long-held notion you [...]

26 07, 2021

The 5 Forgotten Laws of Fat Loss

2021-07-27T08:24:13-05:00By |

Are You Training For Fat Loss? Many of us want to see the physical improvements in our body composition from the hard work we put into the gym. While celebrities and athletes may have top notch facilities, programs, recovery methods and even daily mapped out meals for fat loss, it doesn’t [...]

22 09, 2020
  • indian club

Ancient Answers For Shoulder Health & Longevity

2020-09-22T07:02:37-05:00By |

Today's Problem With Shoulder Pain and Poor Posture With today's western society continuing to battle chronic shoulder pain, injuries and postural problems, sometimes you must look to the past for for the answers to the future for health and longevity. What's old is new again, and damn do we need that now [...]

24 08, 2020
  • plyometrics

Top 20 Plyometrics For Speed, Power and Performance

2020-08-24T14:35:23-05:00By |

Properly Programming PLYOS: Far More Than Just Jumping As popularized by the athletic community, lower body plyometrics are speed and power-based exercises in which the muscles exert maximal force in minimal time by stretching and contracting repeatedly. Although there’s some debate as to what constitutes a “true” plyometric exercise, their value [...]


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