25 05, 2020
  • battle ropes

Top 30 Battle Rope Exercises For Power, Strength & Endurance

2020-05-25T11:29:42-05:00By |

Battle Ropes: MORE Than Just A Brutal Conditioning Tool Most people and coaches think, “It is just a battle rope. All you do is use it for upper body cardio finishers. Alternating waves until you’re dead, and that is that!” While it is true that you can use it for upper body [...]

4 11, 2019
  • the original heart rate tracking system for performance and recovery

The Original Heart Rate Training System For Performance and Recovery

2021-09-01T11:45:02-05:00By |

Using Heart Rate Monitoring To Enhance Training and Recovery Step counters, chest straps, watches, sleep monitors, you name it. Technology is seemingly taking over the fitness industry, and heart rate training has officially hit its mainstream peak in recent years through accessibility and marketing. But is this a new trend, or [...]

23 09, 2019

Speed BUILDS: 5 Reasons To Sprint For Muscle & Strength

2019-09-25T09:18:32-05:00By |

Sprint For Superior Muscle & Strength Gains By now everyone and their mother has heard and read about the “sprinters vs. marathon runners” comparison. Sprint athletes are big, lean, and strong; marathon runners are weak, small, and fragile. As a result, most lifters hold onto this comparison as their crutch to avoid [...]

20 05, 2019
  • CrossFit

20 Smarter Alternatives To Popular CrossFit Exercises
Kipping Pull-Ups, Burpees, Box Jumps And More...

2019-05-20T20:01:40-05:00By |

Rewriting The Book on "Traditional" CrossFit Training Since it's swift entry into the fitness industry nearly 20 years ago, CrossFit has captivated millions of people from across the globe with its unique cross training model, highly motivating communities and exhilarating delivery of fitness. With approximately 15,000 CrossFit Affiliate facilities worldwide, this training [...]

22 04, 2019
  • breathing

Top 6 Breathing Drills To Reduce Stress and Optimize Performance

2019-05-18T20:18:29-05:00By |

Fix Your Breathing To Optimize Your Performance If you’ve hit a strength, endurance or performance plateau, or are just feeling beat to shit after every training session with the inability to recover, stop blaming your training and nutrition program on your stagnation and start looking at the movement pattern that transcends any [...]

6 08, 2018
  • the lost art of conditioning

The Lost Art of Conditioning For Strength, Performance & Recovery
The 3 Most Effective Conditioning Methods Everyone Should Be Using

2020-07-01T06:55:19-05:00By |

What Ever Happened To Intelligent Conditioning? In the strength and conditioning world, strength is often prioritized and conditioning is somewhat of an after-thought. To give you an example, take the typical college football program. I'm going to use mine as an example of one I've had first-hand experience with. Between your [...]

15 05, 2018
  • compression

The Science Behind Compression Technology For Performance Recovery
Do Compression Socks, Tights and Boots Really Work To Enhance Recovery?

2018-05-15T09:28:17-05:00By |

Does Compression Help Expedite Recovery? Compression garments are quickly becoming very popular for both gym users and athletes alike, for aesthetics, comfort and also their aid in recovery. For the athlete, the crucial point is that compression garments can help them to recover much quicker from their activities, thus promoting better performance. [...]


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