13 03, 2018

The Cure for Lower Back Pain

2018-03-13T15:41:20-05:00By |

The Most Common Painful Region In The World Lower back pain is one of the leading conditions among the United States population. This commonly leads to people becoming more inactive, or leading people to believe they need to completely stop exercising altogether in order to let it heal. Instead of using lower [...]

18 02, 2018
  • partial reps for rehab

Best Way To Use Partial Reps For Rehab & Recovery

2018-02-18T08:29:27-06:00By |

How To Strategically Use Partial Reps Without "Cheating" We have this notion that everyone should be able to squat past parallel, deadlift from the floor, and/or bench to their chest. Let’s throw in overhead press for good measure too. But unfortunately we live in the real world, where people have structural limitations [...]

12 02, 2018

15 Exercises To Instantly Improve Knee Pain

2020-05-08T11:47:58-05:00By |

Is Knee Pain The New Lower Back Pain? Knee pain is crippling out physically active society. But not all "knee pain" is created equally, it actually comes in many forms. If you’re reading this, then you: Currently have knee pain. Your knee pain has been going on for a long time. You [...]

16 01, 2018

The Science Behind Cryotherapy, Ice Baths, Fat-Loss and Recovery

2020-05-04T17:52:57-05:00By |

Cryotherapy and other thermal agent based modalities are the latest rage in today's sports performance and fitness industries. But with people shelling out hundreds of dollars on these cryotherapy tanks, float tanks, ice-baths, infrared saunas (the list could go on and on) the question remains, is there any actual scientific benefit to [...]

7 01, 2018

Fix Your Big Lifts Fast With The RNT Method

2021-09-08T11:32:33-05:00By |

The big compound lifts are some of the most technically advanced movements in the gym that need to be learned, mastered and maintained over time to continue to progress while staying injury-free in the process. But as every serious strength athlete knows, there are times in your lifting career when your [...]

4 04, 2017

How To Assess Whether Or NOT You Can Safely Overhead Press

2018-01-13T09:03:27-06:00By |

Should You Be Overhead Pressing With The Barbell? The barbell overhead press is one of the most polarizing lifts in the world of strength training. When executed properly, the press can have a massive benefit in the development of strength, muscle mass and shoulder health. But for many lifters, the barbell overhead press [...]

15 03, 2017
  • stop training while sitting down

Stop Exercising While Sitting Down

2017-07-10T02:13:51-05:00By |

Standing Up While Training, A Novel Idea... Let’s face it, laziness has become a part of human nature! Even our efforts to better ourselves through training and exercise are embedded with laziness. Consider your last trip to the gym. What did the crowd of people look like in the free weight are vs. [...]


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